Thursday, May 2, 2013


ned & i are reading the clementine books.
we found them in the scholastic book order.
we love them.
we didn't realize it was a series
and started with book #3.
i think they are just as good out of order.
here is an excerpt:
"Principal Rice rolled her eyes to the ceiling then, like she was looking for something up there.  Ceiling snakes maybe, just waiting to drip on you.  That's what I used to be afraid of when I was little, anyway.  Now I am not afraid of anything.  
Okay, fine, I am afraid of pointy things.  But that is all.
And boomerangs.  
'Clementine, you need to pay attention,' said Principal Rice.  'We need to discuss Margaret's hair.  What are you doing on the floor?'  
'Helping you look for ceiling snakes,' I reminded her.  
'Ceiling snakes?  What ceiling snakes?' she asked.  
See what I mean?  Me - paying attention; everybody else - not.  
I am amazed they let someone with this problem
be the boss of a school."
{then, later in their conversation}
"There is a look they teach a person to make in principal school that is not very nice."

clementine is funny,
her parents are cool.
and the chapters are just the right length
for bedtime, when we are both very tired.

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Dawn said...

we love clementine too!! Kind of like junie b jones...a little

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