Friday, November 1, 2013

candy + science = yum + fun

chances are,
at this very moment,
you have more candy in your house
than you know what to do with.

let's put your starbursts to good use
with a quick & fun science experiment.

have you ever seen someone swallow 
something yucky while pinching their nose?
there is a very good reason for that:
our sense of smell affects our ability to taste.

let's get down to the
olfactory/gustatory nitty gritty...

here's the question:
if i hold my nose while eating a starburst,
will i still be able to tell which flavor it is?

let's find out!

here are ned's starbursts from halloween.
he had 10 pieces, with 6 different flavors:
cherry, strawberry, orange, lemon,
strawberry kiwi, and mango melon.
{to keep things scientific, i kept the flavors a secret}
i cut them into four pieces per flavor
because the whole piece is really big.

have your subjects close their eyes
{we played it safe with bandanas}
and pinch their nose.
1. put a starburst piece in their mouth
and have them chew it up,
keeping their eyes closed & nose pinched.

2. ask them to tell you what flavor it is.

3. have them un-pinch their nose
and THEN tell you what flavor it is.

4. record and compare your results 

i did this, along with marian & ned.
even the few flavors we guessed correctly
tasted very different once we could smell them.

smell & taste are most definitely linked.
learn more here and here.


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Emily said...

Will Ned be required to do a science project at his school? Mine did 4th-6th grade. This would be a great one for him to do!

Pam said...

you are one awesome homeschool mama. xo

Anonymous said...

A great science lesson! Love, Mom

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