Saturday, November 16, 2013


i just talked to my friend, laurie,
for hours.
i wrote about laurie
and her cloth produce bags a few years ago.
we are friends because of missy.
{laurie is standing, second from the left, wearing a light blue camisole}
{i am right in front of her, wearing a light pink camisole}
{believe it or not, our coordinating camisoles were purely unplanned}
over the phone, we laughed, we cried.
there is just so much there.
so many memories, so much love.
laurie told me that she still
had not shared her song for missy.
so, here it is...
it's a good one.

i'm helping laurie
get her etsy shop up & running again.
i have been using her produce bags
every day for four years
{missy gave them to me in 2009}
and they are as good as new.
i have several different types of produce bags,
but hers are the very best.
i'll let you know when they are back in stock.


Bonnie Stanfield said...

Hi Catie!
Thank you so much for helping keep the memory of my sweet daughter alive. Thanks again for all the help and love you gave our family. It was a pleasure getting to know you. You truly were Missy's best friend.
With Love, Bonnie.

lynnsimms said...

your heart is big as the ocean
thank you for keeping love alive
and plumerias blossoming

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