Wednesday, November 20, 2013

homemade sweet potato dog chews

i read about these dog treats over at 17 apart.
apparently, there is a storebought version.

start with big, fat slices of sweet potato.
{though, i think mine are actually yams}
it's pretty funny that i just automatically tossed on some
olive oil & salt & pepper. those things are not necessary.
bake at about 200°for many, many hours.

ours ended up in various states of chewy -
some were soft & some were quite tough.

our dogs loved them.

we want to try
the other dog treat recipes at 17 apart:
apple treats & carrot/banana treats.
maybe we'll make some of our
peanut butter treats, as well.

p.s. have you entered my giveaway?
i'm picking a winner on friday.
as long as you are not my mom or my aunt,
you can enter.

1 comment:

Emily said...

These look great! Funny, I have one dog who loves to chew on treats, the other one does not. And, the one who likes to chew has almost no teeth.....go figure!

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