Thursday, November 7, 2013


i'll tell you what,
i have fabulous luck at our local library.
just plucking books off the shelf,
judging them by their covers.

dear reader,
may i present

my favorite two pages
{please click on the image - read, read!}

there's even a little film, narrated by
none other than lemony snicket, himself

you can listen to the song in its entirety here.
i have reprinted the words so that you may sing along if you like:
There once was a Bird and there once was a Dog, 
And the bird was Despondent, or sad, 
A pensive frown on her Busy beak, 
No matter that Cake could be had. 

The Goat suggested a Convertible drive, 
To purchase a cheering up Hat, 
At a Haberdashery with a Scarlet door, 
And a Baby to sell them just that. 

The hats have Panache, of course, of course, 
A sense of excitement and style, 
The Mezzo-Soprano is done with her song, 
So let's all just eat for a while. 

Tra la, tra la, tra la, tra la, 
{my favorite line} And sing those tra las once more. 
Tra la, tra la, tra la, tra la, 
Try not to get crumbs on the floor.

1 comment:

Emily said...

We loved reading his books when the boys were younger, but I do not recognize this one! LOVE!

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