Friday, April 1, 2011

power food :: cashews & dates

do you ever eat these?

i love them.
they have saved me many times
{twice, this week alone}
when i have nearly crashed from hunger.

have you ever looked at their ingredient list?
it is impressive:
that's right:  cashews.  dates.  period.

so, i started thinking...
"how 'bout if i just buy cashews & dates?"

the only real obstacle for me
is that whole dates look like...
well, cockroaches.
{thankfully, they don't taste anything like cockroaches}

i coarsely chop the dates.
the raw cashews are in pieces.
eating them together,
they taste exactly like the bars.

price comparison:
bars = about $10.00/lb.
bulk cashews & dates = about $3.50/lb.

it's my new favorite snack.


Emily said...

I love the cherry pie Larabars. You are so right.....they are $$$.
I love dates, but I can't eat them whole. Must have them chopped up.
Never thought about the roach resemblance. Too funny!

Diane said...

You are too funny Catie...exactly what I think when I eat dates. lol
I will have to try the bars...I also buy the TJ cashews (handul of cashews bags) keeps me from eating too many. :)

Dianne said...

Love cashews and love dates. Never put the two together. Bet they woud make a great scone! :)

jennifer said...

too funny!! i love dates too and always have the yellow can in my pantry for a quick snack, but I ALWAYS do a double take before I put one in my mouth for the very reason you mentioned.......

Denise said...

Sounds yummy! Must try...

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