Monday, February 27, 2012

a fussy guest

marian had a guest this weekend.
a very fussy guest.

her name is emma.

have you ever had a guest that
required a set of keys?
{including a panic key?}

we were fortunate in that emma's battery pack
ran out of juice on sunday.
therefore, we all got some sleep.

night-night, emma.

read more about emma


Anonymous said...

Dawn said...

what a cool program!! Not every school does this, what class is it for??

catie said...

dawn ~ this was for "consumer sciences" {fancy way of saying "home-ec"} it was optional, for extra credit. very sweet, though, she came with a diaper bag FULL of adorable clothes & shoes. ♥

Emily said...

Not sure if my school does this or not.....I've heard these dollies can keep on up all night, just like the real thing!

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