Friday, February 3, 2012

:: choffy ::

have you heard of
it is made of 100% cacao beans,
coarsely ground, like coffee.
i saw it at our local
last week, and had to try it.

here's how you make it:
here's how i drink it:
a little stevia, a little cream,
and it tastes...
like hot chocolate.

it is really quite delicious,
and it's full of good stuff,
like antioxidants.
you can read more here.

of note:
i have had good results with double brewing,
making it more economical.
gigi, from bowl of heaven, freezes the grounds
and tosses them into her smoothies.
you can try a $3.00 sample pack

if you can't find it in your area
you can buy it at their online store.
i bought the 12 oz. ivory coast
for $15.00 and that is the same price online.
{ivory coast 12 oz.}


Emily said...

Cacao is how I get my chocolate fix these days, but I have never ever heard of Choffy. Gonna look for it in my area!

gretchen said...

You find the coolest stuff!! xoxo

catie said...

just added links to buy it online ♥

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