Monday, February 13, 2012

jet engine noise

do you live in boise or eagle or meridian?
have you been hearing the
jets flying overhead

they are from
the mountain home air force base.
they are conducting training
possibly every day this week.
it's 7pm and they say they'll fly until 10pm.

here's the number to file a complaint:
1 208 828 6800
you know, if it bothers you.



Curt said...

Nothing sounds better than jet blast. Can you think of the last time this happened? I think once or twice in 5 years isn't so bad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on how to complain about the jet noise. The noise is incredibly annoying and I hope that it is not the beginning of the F-35 jets planned by the city of Boise to fly over boise!!!! They are incredibly disruptive (see the report online) to schools, homes, and decrease to the property values as well as cause permanent environmental damage. Brilliant comment by Curt... You know what sounds better than jet blast Curt... Silence and Stillness. Go back to your TV as I'm sure you rarely hear either one of those peaceful realms.

Dianne said...

We live near 3 HUGE bases in N.C. The sound reminds me that we are training our good soldiers to keep us safe. I will never complain. These brave men need our support!!

Pam said...

I have to say I'm with Dianne here. Steve flew apache helicopters in the army for 9 years and I miss the sound of them flying overhead.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear your opinion Catie? This is your site. I was in the Marine Corps and served multiple tours over seas and despite my support of our troops I do not support the continued justification of war nor the 'training flights' over Boise. There is plenty of open country to conduct these exercises and the very noise triggers numerous vets I know at the VA. Our government is war hungry to avert attention from their overall failure to bridge the economic gap between the haves and the have nots in this society. I am not a rep. or a dem. but a Human who see's the injustice of the world and the role the USA plays in that injustice domestically and abroad.

catie said...

along with clean air, clean water, and clean food, i believe that reasonable peace and quiet {e.g. the absence of jet blast} are necessary for individual well being. i mean no disrespect to our troops, but as a homeowner and taxpayer, i have a say in what goes on in the airspace over my home. these jets are disruptive and loud and damaging. i take issue with the fact that the flight path for this training is directly over my town and my house. as pointed out in the anonymous comment left at 7pm today, "there is plenty of open country to conduct these exercises."
this is day three of persistent jet noise.
it doesn't sound like safety to me, it sounds like war.

Tom said...

I can't believe people are pulling this "I support my military" garbage. I can support my military and still expect that they will respect my rights. If the military wants to test out grenades in my front yard or park tanks in my driveway I'm going to be against that too. This is simply an issue of quality of life, one that will be lower for all Treasure Valley residents if these jets continue to fly over our city.

tbob said...

Here's a comment I posted online Wednesday to the Idaho Statesman Letters to the Editor page:

"Interesting comments pertaining to the recent (and apparently ongoing) F-15 racket in the skies over Boise. I spent 1967 and 1968 in the Republic of Viet Nam, up in I Corps to boot, and have had my fill of incessant fighter jet loudness.

Since it's already been pointed out that vast expanses of sparsely-populated desert exist for the training activities vaguely explained by the 366th Fighter Wing, I believe it's any citizen's right to file a formal noise complaint. I have no idea whether the overflights are for merely testing the limits of noise tolerance (in anticipation of the F-35s arrival) or for planned maneuvers against a Middle Eastern city with a layout similar to our fair metropolis...that's not the issue. Twelve hours of afterburners in and afterburners out over a densely populated area is the issue. I vote for complaint."

The phone number previously listed on this site only contacts the 124th Fighter Wing (Air National Guard...A-10s) at Gowen Field, who aren't responsible for the disturbance. The number you want is the 366th Commander's Hotline, 208-828-6262.

Good luck finding anyone who gives a fig about your concerns.

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