Tuesday, February 21, 2012

just a whiff of the weekend


chocolate cake

hazelnuts & dried cherries

online reading quizzes 

sweet & spicy tea



Dawn said...

looks like a perfect weekend ♥
I dig that tea, my other new fave is Constant Comment Green Tea..yum!

gretchen said...

I want some of that cake now, please. How come you didn't get to be my neighbor? :(

catie said...

i know, gretchen : (

if it makes you feel any better, we did not eat that cake... this was some crazy project marian had for her technology class. it might be of interest in your home that she is turning this perfectly good cake into a golf course. she went to school yesterday with 2 cakes and tons of green frosting. broccoli trees and crushed crackers for a sand trap ♥

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