Thursday, February 9, 2012

:: makes me happy ::

i'm not ashamed to say that i love this song,
and of course i love their long hair
{note: they are all grown up with families of their own now}
{why do i know this?}

just learned about these
basically cake push pops.
flavors i want to try: french toast, latte

these are so pretty
they would be great for jewelry, too.

this is funny

and i want this doggy
just look at his face.
so serious.


Emily said...

I want that dog too!
Cake sliders look very yummy. Haven't seen those before!

gretchen said...

Oh I want that Frenchie too!! Rosie would love to have a little friend. The Humane Society here just took in dozens of bullies from a puppy mill that was raided. It was all I could do not to go down there and get one of those bulldogs. But my husband really would divorce me if I came home with another animal. :)

BTW...I'm loving those 3 tiered pretties. Do you think the gold connectors are glued or screwed in...wondering if we could make our own? xoxoo

catie said...

gretchen ~ i think holes are drilled first, then the connectors fitted through the holes & glued. i know there are some serious glues that would do the trick, though. i hope you give it a try ♥

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