Monday, April 8, 2013


do you love joni mitchell?

i do.
especially this album
{listen for james taylor's guitar on all i want, california, & case of you}
{stephen stills plays bass & guitar on carey}
i have always loved her song little green,
and knew there was something cloaked there.
love lost, the details of which i didn't totally get.

since i lived under a rock
back when this was in the news,
i am just now discovering the story
hidden within this tender song:
before she was famous,
when she was young and broke and alone,
she put her tiny daughter up for adoption.

listen to how similar their voices are

in the last line of the live version below,
she sings kelly green instead of little green.
kelly was the name she gave her baby,
born just two years prior to this performance
kelly green, be a gypsy dancer.


emily eyer-ryder said...

I love you mamma

Emily said...

I love Joni so much too. I was living under that rock with you. So glad to learn this from you!

Michele Pacey said...

Gah, she's a living legend that woman. And this just adds to her story!

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