Thursday, April 18, 2013

pleasant surprises

new to boise, is whole foods market.
because i am a loyal co-op shopper,
i have been there ONE time before today.
{and it was just to use their bathroom}

i had to trek over to the east side of boise
{i live west of the city, so it's a haul}
to visit a podiatrist, and the office is
just few blocks away from whole foods.

i found some really good things, like:
grind-your-own chocolate peanut butter,
organic whole cashews,
white turkish figs,
and, in the parking lot,
which is part of this: samaritanblog
{i hope you are reading this, pam. i know it will warm your heart}

en route, i heard this song on the radio
it took me back to 1990 when
i saw blues traveler in a bar in nashville,
before they hit the big time.
i had never heard of them before,
and loved them immediately.
a few days later i saw them at sewanee.
about a year later, i saw them play
at a college in maine.
here's another one
you might like the line,
"the newsman said not to sit on strange toilet seats"

my final pleasant surprise was my podiatrist visit.
the office is very nice, the doctor was a gem,
they have lollipops in the shape of feet,
and i don't need surgery.
the doctor even made me a little jacket
for my big toe to wear
it will cushion the nerve
which short-circuits sometimes.


Pam said...

love the sign.
love but anyway.
love that you don't need surgery.
don't you have a trip coming up soon that requires a bit of walking around a fabulous city?

Emily said...

So glad it was not a bone spur (like my issues, which leads to arthritis--ugh!)
I am addicted to my whole foods.
In fact, I secretly want to work there just so I can get a discount and be surrounded by the goodness!
Don't you love how a song can take you way, way back?

catie said...

pam ~ i think you're right! surgery would have made a mess of my plans : )

emily ~ i think you would love working at whole foods! you know so much about clean eating & avoiding wheat. i think the health & beauty section would be a dream to work in ♥

Dawn said...

i love whole foods, but we just dont have one it is like a field trip when I do go! Working there would be so fun!

ooh so glad you dont have to have surgery, that would just stink!!

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