Friday, April 26, 2013

second grade producers & consumers

to complete their unit on economics,
ned's class had a store today.
the kids made things to sell,
and their classmates purchased them
using pretend money.
everyone was both a producer and a consumer.
for sale were:
folded paper hats,
fruit loop necklaces,
paintings on stretched canvases,
flowered & feathered headbands,
blue frosted cupcakes with sprinkles,
brightly colored goo,
greeting cards,
a leopard shoe sculpture,
wooden tic-tac-toe games,
origami throwing stars,
colorful magnet gems,
cardboard tube binoculars,
hershey's kiss cookies,
homemade playdough,
and ned's beaded bracelets.
he sold them all.

here's a peek at yesterday's
production at our kitchen table

today's class store was loads of fun.
the kids were so proud and so excited.
it was one of the best parts of this
entire school year.

pamela ~ this is an origami throwing star.
also called a ninja star.


Emily said...

Now this is a great, worth while learning project!
And Ned is so cute sitting at his beaded braslits table!

Anonymous said...

At Eagle Elementary, this was the most fun day of the school year. Really wish I could have been there to see it all. Love the bracelets. Love, Grandma

Pamela said...

Hooray for Ned - good work!
What are origami throwing stars?

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