Wednesday, April 17, 2013

what now?

my god.
i'm just trying to think of how
we are supposed to go on after all of this.

i remember after 9/11,
wishing that i didn't have to raise my children
in a world where such things were possible.
even wondering whether the world
could exist for much longer.
i remember feeling relieved
that my sweet grandparents,
having passed away years before,
were spared ever knowing of such evil.

so, what now?

i consider mr. rogers a saint,
and his quote about "look for the helpers"
really resonates with me.
i want to be one of the helpers,
in big and small ways.

these made me smile
they actually reminded me of my sweet friend, sandi.
anyone who has crossed her path will understand why.
being fabulous is helping, right?

have you read this?
so when you spot violence,
or bigotry,
or intolerance
or fear
or just garden-variety misogyny,
hatred or ignorance,
just look it in the eye and think,
"the good outnumber you, and we always will."

this song was on the radio today.
natalie merchant is all kinds of goodness,
all kinds of helping.

here is the beautiful music video

friday is ned's walk-a-thon.
i'll be helping.
i'll be handing out ribbons.
i'll be standing with all the goodness,
at the finish line.


Pam said...

mr. rogers is a saint. like many, i grew up with him and listening to his voice is calming. i remember meeting him once years ago on cape cod. i was working on a ferry boat headed to nantucket and he was a passenger. i grabbed a hot dog wrapper and had him sign it for me. and i asked if i could hug him :)
he is a wonderful man that mr. rogers.

Denise said...

Beautifully written post, Catie. I want to be a fabulous stranger...

Dianne said...

I loved Mr. Rogers. His voice was amazingly calm. He was a hero without realizing it. Look for the helpers...such good advice. xo

martha said...

great words here Catie, am going to watch Natalie's video...have a good time with ribbons tomorrow!

Pamela said...

Your words and videos touch my heart. How I love you, dear Catie.
"with love and with patience and with faith. . . she'll make her way." Yes indeed.

Dawn said...

LOVE this. I too adored Mr. Rogers how could you not?? I was thinking about all of this as I walked Lucy through school to her classroom this morning at all those innocent little faces, and the scary times we are in and how to protect the most innocent. It is all so heart wrenching~

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