Saturday, April 13, 2013

-:- mancala -:-

do you ever play
ned and i are playing today.

i learned to play mancala
when i was in elementary school,
and it's still one of my favorite games.

i have had this wooden board and stones
for almost 25 years - i bought it in the old port
in portland, maine, long before i had kids.

i have seen mancala for sale everywhere,
but you can make a homemade version
using an egg carton.
{i would recommend using stones or buttons, not paperclips}

and check out this one

this one similar to mine
i think the board is so pretty that i put a
sawtooth picture hanger on the back
and it hangs on the wall in our family room.
a mancala board would also be great to display
shells or beads or pretty rocks.

here's a new one made by the same person
who made mine, so many years ago

would you like a copy of my
torn & tattered instructions sheet?
thought so.
right click each page to save, then print.
conserve paper by printing page 2 on the back of page 1.


Pam said...

we LOVE mancala and have played it for years. i've had the same game for maybe 15 years...we travel with it too. xo

Michele Pacey said...

I was gonna ask how you play. we have this game somewhere but never play because the instructions we have are so confusing ( I think they're a very bad translation). So thanks for your instructions! Awesome.

Emily said...

I have not played in so long, I forget how!
Gonna read the rules out of curiosity when I have time.

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