Monday, October 11, 2010

cloth produce bags

{source: beautiful earth produce bags}

reusable shopping bags are everywhere.
it's a wonderful thing.
it's a simple switch that makes a huge difference.
i always have mine with me.
they look like this:

the next step is to make the switch to
reusable produce bags.

it is easy to do, and so beneficial
when you consider how many bags come home
in just one trip to the market.

the bags i use are made of cotton.
{my favorites are cotton cheesecloth.}
they are great for both produce and bulk foods.
they look like this:

when people stop to ask me 
where i found such marvelous bags,
i hand them one of these:

laurie has been my friend for many years
and her beautiful earth bags
are my absolute favorite.
{all bags in the top row are beautiful earth bags.}
you can visit her online store
to see the various sizes of her bags.
{and maybe order some for yourself!}

i have one of every item she sells,
even her healing bath tea
{powdered milk, oats, seaweed, calendula petals, rosebuds...}
and i recommend every item wholeheartedly.
{for my birthday last year, missy gave me the "fill your fridge pack."}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

now, are you thinking that
using cloth produce bags will be a hassle?

please give it a try.
it is a healthy habit that you can learn,
and there are benefits...

when you get home with your produce
in your lovely cotton cheesecloth bags,
run them under the faucet.
wetting the bags for lettuce & carrots
& many other water-loving veggies
will keep them fresher longer
{MUCH longer than clingy, unbreathable plastic}.

when you use reusable bags to buy bulk foods
like rice, pasta, flour, nuts, and spices,
you are avoiding all packaging
and you will almost always save money
{some stores will even give you a bag discount}.

you will also be helping to make
a healthy change for our culture
and for our planet.


p.s. laurie also has cotton cheesecloth available
if your are the sew-it-yourself type. 
2 yards = $7.00
it is not listed on her website,
so call or email her if you are interested.
(707) 839-7269
laurie is one of the kindest people
you'll ever meet.
and she is making our world a better place.
thanks, laurie!!


Dawn said...

Love this post! ok...two things...

1. your bags are MUCH cuter than mine! Mine are all plain black with Toby's Uncle's dentist office logo on them :)

2. Thought about those produce bags today while at WINCO! Do you just attach the twist tie with the # on it to the bag for the cashier??

Must order some!

catie said...

dawn! cracking up at the "toby's uncle's dentist office" bags!! those sound WAY cooler than my flowery ones!

okay, so when i'm buying bulk food, i just write the bin# on my list right next to the item (smart!) or just on my hand (supa-smart!).

for produce, i never use twist ties. they seem to have them memorized or stickered with produce code.

Anonymous said...

Yippee, I just ordered my produce bags I am so excited. Going green in my case takes baby steps but every step counts right! Now I just need to order re-usable for Switcharooz and stop using plastic here. Thanks Catie, always love your tips. Dawn

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