Sunday, March 23, 2014


that's how i feel.
finally emerging from the stress & chaos.
this has been such a relentless few weeks.
like we've been swimming upstream.
i would like to now simply float with the current.

here's my list...
spring break
yesterday, marian flew by herself to santa cruz
to spend the week with emily.
so now this is happening:

last night, ned and i saw muppets most wanted.  it. was. amazing.  it's like the universe is righting the "henson imbalance" from which we've all been suffering.  hilarious, never-ending cameos.
i loved ty burrell's good-natured caricature of europeans {tiny coffee, tiny car, 6-week paid vacay}.

having our roof inspected & assessed for the damage caused back in september by this:

still haven't dealt with this.  ugh.

traveling mercies
recommended by our librarian, miss ruby.  i'm loving this book.  it is anne lamott's memoir of how she came to find faith - not a graceful "leap" of faith, but a series of staggers.  i want to meet her & be friends. 

this video
they are selling a leather duffel, but the story is really beautiful.
in case you have an extra $1000, the bag is here.

missy's son.  one week from thursday, on april 3rd, he will turn 17 {seventeen?!}.  would you like to send him a card? thereby helping missy send her son a tidal wave of love from beyond this physical plane?  i just knew you would.
here is his mailing address:
     Myel Gilkerson
     3555 Thorpe Lane
     Kneeland, CA  95549
and if you are inclined to send a present, well...
being 17 and a new driver, i think the best gift is money for gas.
i'll post another reminder on thursday.


Emily said...

Lots of lots going on in your world.
I would love to send Myel a lil something!

Dawn said...

crazy..when it rains it pours, does it not?? i love the pic of very much like her sister :) i too will send myel a birthday wish. xoxo

Mary Beth said...

Hi Catie! Fun post. Thanks for the recommendation re. the Muppet Movie. Maybe we'll check it out. Currently we are Frozen obsessed and have seen it 3 times! I hope your life is getting less stressful.

mary said...

hope it'd been a floating week so far. xoxo

martha said...

I have Travelling Mercies but haven't read yet....oooh my stack. hmm.
we got a new roof in the last yr or 2 from hail damage-awesome!
JUST got my part of taxes done for Bo over last weekend....ugh.
Hope by now things have settled some...hope your girls have big fun too!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

I've had Traveling Mercies for a while but not read it yet. It comes highly recommended from everyone I know who has read it. And now you, too. I. must!
Hopefully the current is smooth sailing...

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