Sunday, March 16, 2014


we survived a stressful week and a busy weekend.
here's another random list.

the campaign
despite a few juvenile kids at her high school who seem to be lacking impulse control and common decency, marian has surrounded herself with a group of funny, smart, caring friends.  she is weathering the drama of this student council campaign with dignity.  this week was full of teachable moments & character building & being thankful for her true-blue friends.  we had a few of them over this weekend for pizza & button-making & tshirt spraying & just hanging out.  the election is tuesday & i will let you know the results on wednesday.  please keep sending your good vibes.

interesting challenges
i don't recommend doing any of these, but the girls had fun trying.  each one was a race.
cinnamon challenge: eat a tablespoon of cinnamon {they did this outside & this morning we found one of our spoons in the street - ahem}
lemon challenge: peel & eat a lemon.
minty gum challenge: put an entire pack of gum in your mouth & drink a big glass of ice water.

tiny ice cream cones
i found these at trader joe's.  they were a big hit this weekend.

cream cheese coffee cake
this weekend, i made TWO of these - one raspberry, one blueberry.  yum and yum.

using up everything in the pantry
this was one of those weeks where we held our breath until payday.  it meant that i got very creative with a few odd things i had on hand.  these two dishes were surprisingly delicious:
polenta with a little bit of every cheese we had.
barley + red lentils + a can of good tomatoes - this turned out like a very thick tomato sauce & it was so good with the polenta.

must get this prepared & sent off this week.

the beekeeper's quilt
i am just about ready to begin this quilt in earnest.  apologies in advance to my color-loving friends, but i have decided to make this all white.  the yarn i found is some homespun alpaca - soft & strong.

today was the warmest day we've had - 72°F  {22°C}  windows open, birds singing.
{the birds were going NUTS - so trilly, so sing-songy, they sounded like pretend birds}
the warmth combined with the scent of daffodils & strawberries really made me feel like missy was sitting at my table.  she smells of sunshine, flowers, & fruit.


Emily said...

Fingers crossed for Marian.
That cheesecake!
And, I love the idea of an all white quilt.
Keep stopping to smell the flowers. <3

Dawn said...

obviously i am just catching up! we are having one of those weeks of use up what you have..pinto beans in the crock pot now! i must make that cheesecake too! i love the idea of your white quilt...i have been getting rid of so much color...anything red (for the most part) has gone to my mom...who loves it all :)

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