Thursday, March 13, 2014

the campaign, so far

marian has some really sweet friends.
they are supporting her in her campaign
for sophomore class president.
they have helped her put up posters.
they have fliers taped to their lockers
that say "i'm voting for marian."

unfortunately, there are other kids
who are not so supportive.

tuesday after school, marian hung her posters.
on wednesday, before school even started,
her photographs had been vandalized.
the vandals were caught & punished.
{hidden cameras caught them in the act.}
we worked with the school to replace the photos.

today, some kids asked marian
for her fliers to hang on their lockers.
after she handed them out,
the kids tore them up in front of her.
what the hell?!

honestly, it's hard enough to get up
and go to school each morning.
why do kids have to be so mean?
what are these kids learning in school?
i'm really hoping they have a
"golden rule" discussion tomorrow.

i am proud of marian.
i'm proud of her resiliency
and also her sensitivity.
she is honest about what hurts,
and she is really brave
to put herself out there like this.

one of marian's friends
came over tonight for dinner
to make her feel better, and to
remind her of what's really important.


Emily said...

I cannot believe kids can be so cruel! What's the point?
As Graham always says, "Why be a jerk, just to be a jerk?"
I do hope this is addressed in school.
Glad to hear she is holding her head up high, even though it hurts.
Love you Marian!

Kelly at Chatelaine said...

I don't care what other's say...we live in a VERY different world, and much harsher than ever, especially for our youth. Karma will take care of these jerks. It may not be right away, but it will happen to them too. I just scratch my head....why??? Marion for President indeed!! Hugs all around. xo

Dawn said...

I am so can be so so cruel! I'm glad she has a strong group of friends who support her..chin up Marian...xoxo

martha said...

I cannot believe this..i am shocked and sorry ...GO Marian, you keep on....and hang with your REAL dear that one came to make dinner ;)

Anonymous said...

This is the bullying that schools nationwide are fighting against. I hope the school knows about both incidents & is acting. Horrible! My heart hurts for her. Love, mom

Anastasia Egorova said...

I'm so sorry about that, Catie!!! Kids sometimes are so cruel and simply stupid. :/
But Marian, she is such a brave girl! Go Marian, go!
Warm hugs!xx

Georgia said...

So sad to hear this. The lessons of dealing with unkindness (and meanies) is a tough one, especially at that tender age and stage of life. Best strong vibes to you and Marian. May she continue to have strength and see the world with her kind eyes.

Jess said...

UGH is right. I am reading backwards in time so I know she persevered and won, still it saddens me that kids go through this and behave this way -- all the posturing and power plays and all that drama. if only they could communicate in a different way what they need and give it to each other instead, such an adult perspective though...

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