Saturday, March 8, 2014

time for a list

i have so many thoughts & ideas
swirling around in my head.
instead of a well-composed post,
how about a super-fragmented list?

marian 4 prez
marian has loved being freshman class president this year.
this weekend, she'll be busy making posters and writing her speech.
her campaign for sophomore class president begins wednesday.
positive thoughts are most welcome.

odd coincidence? 
i have been reading redwall to ned for weeks.
in it, there is a hedgehog named ambrose spike.
a few weeks ago, at the same time, i was reading the signature of all things.  in it, there is a man named ambrose pike.

the baby orchid from this post has been living with my mom & dad in las vegas.  this week, my mom sent me a photo of its very first bloom.

anne lamott
i just finished reading stitches, and just starting reading traveling mercies.

weeks ago, i requested the goldfinch at my library.
i am now number 111 in line.

minor tweak
in the 6½ years we've lived in this house, we have rearranged the family room furniture {big couch, 2 big chairs, ottoman, coffee table, 2 end tables} several times, almost always putting it back the same way.  i have been craving something new, and we finally have a slightly new arrangement that everyone agrees is an improvement.

i love making a big pot of soup, then having it feed us for days.
i've been making minestrone and my own version of this potato corn chowder.

my email server has randomly decided this week that all emails i send will now say they are from "centurylink customer."  awesome.

ned is in 3rd grade, and this is our first year of homeschooling.
needless to say, we have good days and bad days.  so far this year, he has read an astonishing number of chapter books, and has nearly memorized his times tables.  he has started doing a weekly p.e. class that has been really fun.  in february, we took a backyard beekeeping class and a stargazing class.

since last fall, i have really pared down my closet.  like everyone else, i had lots of things that i never wore.  after accidentally finding a few nearly perfect pieces, i started to really consider my "uniform."  this allowed me to let go of the less-perfect things and focus on what works for me.  my "new wardrobe" has yet to be finished, but i am beginning the process of making some linen dresses.  i'm finding inspiration herehere, herehere.

garage sale
last year's garage sale never happened.  as a result, our garage has been stuffed with stuff all winter long.  add to that, purging every closet & drawer, and we are ready for the mother of all garage sales this spring.

spring break
in a couple weeks, marian is flying to santa cruz to spend her spring break with emily.  the two of them will fly back home together and emily will spend her spring break here.  we are all looking forward to seeing emily, and you can imagine how excited marian is to fly out to california to spend a week with her.

other things on my mind
the princess & the pea
dryer balls
dog collars
the beekeeper's quilt
spoon butter
homemade deodorant
little dishes
daylight savings


Pam said...

loving your clothing inspiration!
spoon butter?
daylight savings is not until the end of the month here..dreading losing that hour of sleep.
i will vote for marian!
have a great spring break emily and marian!!

Emily said...

Love your super fragmented list. Do it more often!
Yes, spoon butter?
Goldfinch....I want to read it, but then I've heard negative reviews from people I admire. Hmmm, we'll see if I read it or not.
Lots going on in your world Catie!

Georgia said...

Hi Catie! I read SOAT and Goldfinch and loved them (Redwall too). I have also been on a minimalism path for a couple of years and the wardrobe piece is difficult especially living in the unusual and varied climates I live in (105 to -26)but I have been exploring the same linen dress idea.I have one of the Japanese Simple Sewing books at home and will attempt a dress ASAP. We are finally thawing out!

catie said...

pam ~ i'll elaborate about spoon butter soon. thanks for voting for my girl : )

emily ~ thanks for liking my wildly disjointed list of thoughts. and yes, soon with the spoon butter.

georgia ~ i have some lovely linen... just need some time to really conjure up what i want it to become. i don't want to get bogged down in perfection, either, so i'm reluctant to follow a patter at all. let me know when you start sewing!

Anastasia Egorova said...

I loved to walk in between of your thoughts!

When I was in Barcelona, I heard a lady playing THAT SONG on violin - and you and Missy popped up in my mind ♥

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