Wednesday, March 26, 2014

i made a stamp

and you can, too!

this all started with loving
hand carved stamps on etsy.
riyo kihara's shop talk to the sun
is by far my favorite.
i have several of her stamps & stamp pads.

riyo is a contributor to this book,
called stamp it!
which i found at my library

was even more helpful.
this one was found via inter-library loan.

i bought two things at the art supply store:
1. a lino cutter, $12
2. a carving block, $3

a peek at making an impression
cutting my block to size
making my design,
then tracing it onto tracing paper
rubbing the traced design onto the block
{face down so it's a mirror image}
carving my design
first stamp...
made a few tweaks...
made a few more tweaks...
i had planned to carve the entire stamp
into a circle, but i really like the way
the circle-in-square looks.

a few things i learned:
curves are more difficult than straight lines.
the speedy-cut block is SO soft,
which i didn't think would be a problem,
but was very easy to nick and crumble.

next time, i'll try something more durable,

so cool, no?
i'm so excited to try more designs!


Emily said...

How cool indeed!
I like it with the circle in square look too.
Have fun making more.

mary said...

great idea and i love your finished product!

Pam said...

get out. i'm loving your stamp!! and who doesn't love a happy mail day?

Jess said...

love love love. i have been wanting to learn since i saw gennine's tutorial video years ago -- i bought all the supplies last month. watched another video two nights ago on creative bug. it's TIME to carve!

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