Tuesday, March 11, 2014

★ marian for president ★

marian's posters are BiG.
like, 3 ft x 4 ft big.

today after school, she & her friends
hung ten giant posters and lots of fliers.
{thank you for helping, nancy, rachel, mackenzie, lauren, ashley, & sara!}
{thank you grandma, for the colored paper you gave us years ago!}


here's a behind-the-scenes look
at the cardboard stencils
the stars were cut from cereal boxes
and spray painted gold
{all spray paint used was just what we had in our garage}
for this project, we used materials that
were recycled {cardboard boxes}
or things that we had on hand
{leftover spray paint & colored paper}.
the only things we bought were the photos.


there were lots of artistic imperfections
and happy accidents
that we thought were especially cool.
do they qualify as wabi-sabi?


for president!

she has given so much of her time
to student council this year
as freshman class president.
she wants to continue 
as sophomore class president so much,
and i really hope she wins!

the election is tuesday, march 18.
i'll keep you posted.


Emily said...

I vote YES for Marian, and I am very impressed with her posters! You go girl and good luck!

Dawn said...

i love love her posters!! who was the lucky one that got to cut out the tiny "Sophmore Class President"?? :) you guys are SO creative!! I really hope you win Marian!!!!

catie said...

thank you, emily!!

dawn ~ my mom gave me a CRICUT mini a couple of years ago & i'm just learning how to use it. that's what i did for the stars & "sophomore class president" ~ it works like magic on cereal boxes ♥

Pam said...

go marian go! fabulous posters..love that she's involved in student council. crossing my fingers!

Anastasia Egorova said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to win, Marian!
The posters are totally cool!
You rock, family!

Anonymous said...

Of course a cruicut...I borrow my moms for party stuff!

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