Thursday, June 5, 2014

earthly delights csa week 3

our share
pablo lettuce
forellenschluss lettuce
hakurei turnips
easter egg radishes
mustard green bouquet
rainbow chard
bok choi
green garlic

here's a close-up of the beautiful blush
on those bok choi stems
{click to enlarge the picture for the full effect}

last week,
anastasia asked why i call it our "share."
in case you were wondering, here's why:
{csa = community supported agriculture}
we pay in advance for 18 weeks of produce.
this enables our farmer {casey}
to focus more on growing & less on selling,
since her produce is "sold"
even before she has grown it.
each week,
beginning in may and ending in september, 
we go to the farm with our
bags & baskets ready to collect our 
weekly share of the harvest.
our pick-up day is a fun time to visit the farm
and get to know the other csa members.
this is a great way to support our local farmer
{we love her!}
and eat delicious, locally grown food.
each year, casey has a small group of interns
who help her on the farm.
it's an amazing opportunity
that attracts the finest of folks.
read more about the internship program here.
learn more about the farm here.


Anastasia Egorova said...

Ah, I see now, Catie! It's really nice you can visit the farm where you can see how plants grow, meet nice people and pick the veggies! Sounds like loads of fun! I love the project!

Emily said...

You're a lucky girl to know your farmers too!

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