Thursday, June 12, 2014

earthly delights csa week 4

our share
sugar snap peas
snow peas
garlic scapes
drunken woman frizzy headed lettuce
hakurei turnips
mustard bouquet
kale bouquet
chinese cabbage
italian parsley
lamb's quarters


curious about garlic scapes?
here's what casey has to say about them:
the incredible flowering tops of our Magic Garlic plants. 
Hard neck varieties of garlic send up a "flower", 
which actually turns into a tiny bulb of garlic, 
suspended in the air on a curly, whimsical stem. 
Though it would likely be impossible to grow 
a decent-sized garlic bulb from the tiny bulb it makes,
you can certainly eat them before they've fully ripened, 
as chefs and savvy cooks the world over have discovered. 
To eat scapes, 
you can either chop them finely and saute them
like you would garlic (adding fantastic flavor to any dish),
or you can keep the flower part whole
and saute it alone or with other veggies.
It's kinda like a big, garlic-flavored asparagus stem...
in fact, the two make perfect grilling companions!

1 comment:

Emily said...

I was gonna ask about them, but then I scrolled down more to see you had an answer! Reminds me of a scallions, but with tons of flavor!

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