Saturday, December 11, 2010

the big guy

we met him {and the missus} today
it was BREAKFAST WITH SANTA at ned's school.
in this photo, santa is holding
a shiny new penny that ned gave him.
{i guess there's more than one way to get on the NICE list.}

p.s. today was also our last handmade holiday workshop.
as a result, i feel that special "christmas eve exhaustion" tonight.
i'll post more of our projects next week.


Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Ned, Ned, Ned....I'd venture to bet you are never naughty - always nice! Adorable pic!!!

Pam said...

so cute!!

Dawn said...

oh cool to have Breakfast with Santa at YOUR school!!
I KNOW you are on the nice list :)...Powell says so too :)

jill said...

how thoughtful is sweet ned? i bet santa loved his shiny penny!!! of course, you were already on the nice - the super-duper nice list :)

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