Thursday, December 16, 2010

have you seen what my friend jessica is up to?

this is my new necklace that was
(freshly finished yesterday)
i {L♥Ve} it!
my 3 favorite names
with 3 kinds of metal
and 2 different chains,
and it has a beautiful hammered texture.
she & i are on the lookout
for a taupe pearl to add to it,
because more is more.

also, check out the new ruched jersey scarf
she has created in my favorite color
they sold out fast and are now backordered
{you can get in line behind me!}

she is always coming up with new designs,
and it was so much fun to work with her
to create my special necklace.

click here to see all of her designs.
email her with any questions or special requests:


Emily said...

I bought a scarf from her yesterday! She told me she told you! Can't wait to get it. And the triple metal necklace plus your kids names equals LOVE!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

I love her stuff! That scarf! Mmmm! She's a talent, fo sho!

jill said...

i ♥ her creations and i sent one of her necklaces to friend and she l♥♥♥ved it! i will def have to check out here scarves. i think my 37 other scarves might need a new friend!

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