Thursday, December 9, 2010

handmade holiday :: teacup candles

we made teacup candles as teacher presents.
everyone chose a vintage cup
{which was prepared with a wick, metal wick tab, & a dab of hot glue}
and i poured the hot wax.

this is the wax i use.
it looks like flaked coconut
and melts easily in the microwave.
{i use a 2-cup pyrex measuring cup.}

i made candles long, long ago
but this video re-inspired me to make more:


Dawn said...

I JUST used the last of my wax to make a little candle...must find more!
Love know!

gretchenwoosley said...

I found a 4 lb box of this wax at Michael's for about $20. Plus you can use their %40 off coupon for a really good deal. Thank you so much for helping me the other day. I love them! All the things you've made with your kids are just darling!
xooxo Gretchen

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