Tuesday, December 14, 2010

handmade holiday :: plaid desk set for dad

start with plaid flannel shirts.

{expect a few raised eyebrows at the copy store.}

cut to fit a large empty can
& hot glue in place.
{we also glued circles of felt to the bottoms & insides of our cans}

trace can with dressmakers chalk 
onto four thicknesses of flannel.
sew along line & cut to trim.
{it's a coaster!}

extra credit:
use a fancy button-making machine
to make a matching button magnet
to hold a note on the can.

:: plaid pen cup ::

:: plaid coaster ::

:: plaid magnet ::

 a plaid dad is a glad dad.


Dianne said...

Did you do this with your class? Very creative!

Emily said...

Now this is very clever! Xeroxing fabric. L~O~V~E!!

mary said...

how cute Catie!

gretchenwoosley said...

Everything you have made with these kids has been adorable and so creative. Great job, catie!
oxxoxo Gretchen

catie said...

yes, dianne this was the "dad gift" we made in our handmade holiday workshop {complete with a new pencil}.

so glad you all like this! it was a crazy idea that turned out better than i expected.

Dawn said...

THIS is darling...what a clever idea!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Love, Mom

jill said...

i find myself shaking my head in disbelief (more often than not) when reading your posts...your creativity (and my lack of) blows me away! photocopying fabric is too cool! the projects turned out adorably cute.

mary said...

Hi Catie! where did you find your fancy button making machine??

catie said...

thank you, dawn & mom & jill. {jill ~ you are one of the most creative people i know!)

mary ~ button maker is from here:
it is the best & it works like a charm.
i have had it for 3 years & need to start putting it to better use.

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