Monday, December 13, 2010

the olympia candy kitchen in goshen, indiana

my dad grew up in goshen.
he hung out at the olympia.
he took me there as a little girl.
he and i took emily there as a baby.

there is an old-fashioned soda fountain
and a super-tall pressed-tin ceiling.
it is like stepping back in time.

you can order a vanilla phosphate {my favorite}
and a toasted peanut butter sandwich.
{or a toasted nut olive sandwich... not sure about that one.}

take a look at their menu here.

whenever we would visit
grandma grace & grandpa weldon,
we would stop by the olympia for a box of
hand-dipped chocolate maple creams.
{the chocolate is swirled into an M on the top.}

you can still order them here.


Emily said...

I love old soda shops! They are getting harder and harder to find. I'm sure you thought the term "kid in a candy shop" came from your experiences at Olympia!

Dianne said...

Good childhood memories are priceless!

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