Tuesday, December 7, 2010

handmade holiday :: paper dala horses

they are printed on heavy cardstock
and colored with colored pencils.
ribbon loops turn them into ornaments.

{please save & print this coloring page.}


Emily said...

I do love dala horses! Were these in your art workshop?

catie said...

emily ~ yes, i had these as sort of a fill-in craft for the kids to do while they waited for sewing machine help. they turned out to be so much fun for the kids to color and they are SO DARN CUTE. {i even think they might inspire some grown-up coloring!} ♥

Dawn said...

well, yes, as a matter of fact they did inspire some grown up coloring :)
I printed these out for Lucy and I to color the other night...Love them...still wish I knew what happened to my MIL's dala horse.

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