Wednesday, April 13, 2011

duck update

we have not seen pip or patito
for several weeks now.
{not since the week of my last duck update}
i'm not worried, though.
most of the females have vanished,
as they are all sitting on eggs.
we walk along the ponds every day
with our eyes peeled for our girls.
{wouldn't it be great to see them with their own ducklings?}

this couple visits our front yard each day.
yesterday they pecked at our front door.

today, we saw our first batch of ducklings
{i love how the babies can run on top of the water}

lots of canadian geese are on the ponds now.
they have learned that i have corn in my backpack
and come to greet us, too.

and look what's on my kitchen counter
yes, three eggs.
each found on different days.
marian convinced me that we can't just
walk away from an abandoned egg.
i swear, these mallards must not get the memo.
ladies, please!  sit on your nests!
i do not expect all 3 of these eggs to hatch.
{one of them has a weird smell - not a good sign.}

i will keep you posted.


Dianne said...

Congrats, you're going to be a grandmother!!!!!
I cannot believe you are going to do this again, it involved so much time after they were born. You are a "good egg" Catie!

Emily said...

I do hope they are out there making some little P&P's. Keep us updated on the new eggs!

Dawn said... is Spring isn't it??? Love that you are going to hatch these darlings again! I hope you see your two girls very soon, and may they have babies in tow!

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