Sunday, April 17, 2011

:: shopping tote makeover ::

my canvas shopping totes are super sturdy,
but they were not pretty.

i've been looking for some fabric 
to spruce them up.
i found this
i ordered a large sample {18" x 27"} for $7.00 with free shipping.
     unwashed sample           cut & washed sample

look out, grocery store.


Anonymous said...

Love it! You are for sure my daughter! Love you!

Denise said...

Too cute and clever! But, be careful while shopping - it's a jungle out there! xoxo

Emily said...

These are great! Gosh, I wish I liked to sew!

Diane said...

Hey about selling these on Etsy...your TP sister Diane would like one of these Zebra ones. :)
You can message me with the price, if you decide to make more to it!!!

Dawn said...

yes...I would buy one too!! I really want a CUTE canvas tote...remember I am the one using "toby's uncle's dentist office" bags!!!

jill said...

catie, you are too much! your creativity and initiative!!! you inspire me, for sure. your glam bags are adorbs. love them and you!

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