Sunday, April 10, 2011

i never knew me a better time

elton john is

for almost 3 hours straight,
he played all of our favorite songs.
some with the most beautifully fun variations.
i leaned over & said to marian,
"this is why you come to see live music."

he opened with this

he played this
{he's still got the same incredible drummer, nigel olsson}

i think it was during this song that i told marian
she would remember this for the rest of her life

he also played this 
from his new album with leon russell
{i loved it}
did you hear his four sensational backup singers?
they were there last night.
two of them are stone's 
from sly & the family stone.

other songs he played: 
saturday night's alright for fighting, daniel, levon, rocket man, tiny dancer, philadelphia freedom, goodbye yellow brick road, madman across the water, sorry seems to be the hardest word, sad songs say so much, i guess that's why they call it the blues, crocodile rock, candle in the wind, don't let the sun go down on me, 
bennie & the jets, the bitch is back

then, for an encore, he played my song

marian & i had a really great time

do you remember this?
it still makes me cry.


sewmuchwhimsy said...

Oh I'm so happy for you and FOR MARION! She absolutely will remember this for the rest of her life! What a wonderful thing for you to share.

(And yes, I absolutely remember his singing at Princess Di's funeral. Such a sad day. )

oxoxox Gretchen

Dianne said...

Oh Catie, what a wonderful experience for you and Marion together! This is a beautiful post. I took the time to listen to all of it. What memories he brings to mind. I am thrilled you were able to see it all live.

Dawn said...

Oh what a perfect night to share together....I LOVE Elton, and can not think of a better memory for Marian. I just watched his tribute to Diana, and cried all over again, I bought the cd right after the funeral, and haven't listened to it in so sad~

redflyingv1 said...

Wow! Love Elton and love your blogging about the concert for us! It is like we were there! Almost.......ah, good for you! You won! You won!!

redflyingv1 said...

catie. Redflyingv1 is me! Kim in CA using Krisanne's account!

Sandi said...

Sweet Catie... I am SOOOOO happy that you and Marian had such a special, special time. What an experience for a mother and daughter to have.... amazing. Yes.. you are so right...Marian will ALWAYS remember this very wonoder-full night.... and I sure do remember that incredibly beautiful tribute he gave to Princess Diana.....with love, Sandi

Pam said...

Wow! what a great night for you and Marian. I've always wanted to see Sir Elton live! Glad you had fun!!

Diane said...

Thanks Catie for sharing your memorable evening with us.
This post is so beautiful and brings back some many wonderful memories.
love you....xoxoxo Diane

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