Sunday, April 3, 2011

my keychain is from spain

for spring break of my senior year,
i traveled to spain with the spanish club.
it was april 1988.
i was 17.
{photos above & below were taken at the alhambra}

{photo below looks like a postcard, 
but i really did take it at el acueducto de segovia}

flamenco dancers

the photos below are some of my all-time favorites

i took loads of pictures.
i soaked up the culture.
i ate queso manchego.
i dreamt in spanish.
i discovered the spanish phrase 
i have used more than any other,
"¿cómo se dice _______ en español?"
{"how do you say _______ in spanish?"}

and i bought the keychain of my life.
it is the one i carry with me every. single. day.
the only one i have ever used.

thank you, mom & dad,
for the once-in-a-lifetime
senior trip to spain.

thank you, also, for the keychain.


jennifer said...

fantastic pictures!!! i do hope you have these framed somewhere.....that keychain is wonderful....

Dawn said...

oh these pics are wonderful...and yes, they should be framed somewhere. Spain is one of my "must see" cities for sure...and I LOVE your keychain, and LOVE that you kept it all these years...xoxo

Dianne said...

How wonderful that your mo and dad gave you this fabulous trip. Memories for a lifetime.

Emily said...

What beauty. You and Spain! And, I love your keychain!

Pam said...

love your pictures! Sadly, we didn't make it to Spain when we lived in Europe...I hope to get there someday! I love your keychain too!

Anonymous said...

OHHHH MYYY GOSH. mom. you were 17? ha im just kidding. you look really pretty. we would have been friends if i was that age at the same time....not that we aren't now. haha

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