Thursday, April 21, 2011

:: a gift card challenge ::

do you have a visa gift card with $1.49 left?
well, i do.
i also have one with $2.17 remaining.
don't let that paltry sum sit idle any longer!
this is the perfect chance to help my best friend

look on your card to find the website where
you can check the exact balance.

note: the missyfund website 
will accept whole dollar amounts only.

missy's fundraising was scheduled to end today,
but has been extended for another month.

please help me help her.

spread the word.

share this link:

and the link to my 
gift card challenge:

in the words of missy's sister-in-law, chris,
"the world is a better place
having her in it."

thank you, sweet friends!!


Anonymous said...

i hink i have one like that, mamma


Emily said...

I hope Missy is doing okay these days. You are such a good friend to her Catie.

Dawn said...

This is such a great idea Catie....prayers for Missy♥

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