Saturday, April 30, 2011

:: links ::

{where i found this}

one of our
{boodil reminds us SO much of our kooky dog, maisy}

at the top of maisy's wist {wishlist},
:: pet peek ::

on my wist,
:: this shirt ::

i'm obsessed with
:: this ::

remember this?
it is now available as a
{just in time for mother's day}

and finally,


Pam said...

love all these things Catie! I too am still obsessed with the Royal wedding..can't get enough! And those sneakers!...I may be getting a little pair for Griffy this summer. Too cute! Hope you get your nutmeg grinder!! :) xoxo

Emily said...

I always enjoy your fun lists! Fresh nutmeg is the best! I use my microplane, and it works beautifully, but I often cut my fingers when I get down to the end! Hope you get this cute grinder!

catie said...

hi, pam! my kids & i keep wondering what kate & william are doing, what they are eating ~ we're clearly obsessed.

emily, i use a microplane, too.
i want something safer & easier,
because nutmeg tastes infinitely better without bits of skin : )

Dawn said...

I too am OBSESSED with all things ROYAL...I am with you wondering what they are doing 24/7...can't get enough! Those sneakers are c.u.t.e!!

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