Wednesday, November 30, 2011

feeling uninspired

it is only wednesday, and i'm having a rough week.
there is so much change going on,
and i sorta thrive on routine.
this week has been lots of laundry
and home cooking
after a solid week away.
my head hurts and my phone is out.
{sprint outage here - maybe for 12 hours, they say}
also, yesterday i found a whole
pickle in the washer.
it was a mini pickle, but still, 
a whole pickle.

a couple shout-outs:
hi, annban.
hi, jan.
i think i can feel both of you checking in
to see if i've posted anything good.
i'll try to pull it together here soon.
in the meantime,
here is something adorable
{found here}


Pam said...

Oh catie...I'm thinking of you. You'll find your new routine within the changes. Coming from someone who has moved too many times to count..I know change well. It's not easy..but it can be good! Sorry about the pickle!! xoxo

Dawn said...

i can only imagine all the decisions on your plate right now...but a pickle?? seriously?? love you sweet friend, and i am available when your phone comes back on :)

catie said...

i knew i could count on you girls!!

Emily said...

You do have so much to think about! I've also been thinking of you and wondering what decisions have been made. I know it probably didn't at the time, but I hope you can laugh about the pickle at some point!

Nicki said...

Lotsa love to you, darlin!

Anonymous said...

love you, mama catie :)
-ann bann

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