Monday, November 21, 2011

:: sunday & monday ::

:: sunday ::

airport lunch
garrett's napkins say love is messy
stuck in chicago
that's my tracy porter toulouse cardigan as his pillow
this just looked so potentially dangerous:
mischievous child with banana peel

:: monday ::

checking out neighborhoods in charlotte
loads of fun with ned sandwiched in between his sisters
adorable house for sale 
lunch at "crisp"
drinking sweet tea, ya'll
swanky south park mall


Anonymous said...

Love seeing you in our great state of N.C. Hope you are enjoying your stay and taking lots of opportunities in.
Rich this is the one to choose! :)
xo Dianne

Emily said...

Hope you and your family are having fun and enjoying the area. You have to order unsweet tea if you want it or they automatically bring you sweet tea in the south! We always thought that was so funny when we lived in Atlanta. Can't wait to see and hear more!

Anonymous said...

Southpark and sweet're a real Charlottean now!!! And you had lunch at Crisp! You were about 2 blocks away from my office! Can't wait to see you tomorrow. YAY! xoxo

martha said...

oh this is great Catie, thanks for showing us what you're up to.
CanNOT WAIT to hear about the teepee'll be delightful....hugs to ALL!

Kim said...

Great pictures of you and your lovely family catie. I hope NC agrees with you because I know some fabulous people who live there and would love to have you as their neighbor! Kim

Dawn said...

What a darling little house!! LOVE all the pics so far..can't wait to see more!! xoxo

mary said...

love your updates!! :)

Anonymous said...

Charming report! Lots of adventures!

Sandi said...

This is great! Love the photos Catie. Hope there will be more photos from your day today.. :)xoxox

steph said...

Oooooh Catie, I LOVE CRISP! (And that whole neighborhood of the plaza-midwood area).
Love the photos! Your family is beautiful :)

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