Sunday, November 13, 2011

GNO & my new favorite drink

last night was GNO {girls night out}.
my pal, gina, & i were long overdue
to toast our 40th birthdays
{yes, i'm about to turn 41}
and catch up on our busy lives.
we had dinner here
and headed here for drinks afterwards.
i don't get out much,
so i always like to find out what the cool kids
are drinking these days.
i was served a tall 44 press.
{it looked like this}
i had never heard of a vodka press,
but it is my new favorite drink.
here is the recipe:
a tall glass with crushed ice
{made from idaho potatoes, of course}
fill with equal parts soda water & 7up
and a wedge of lime.



Emily said...

So glad you had a GNO!

martha said...

they look like FUN spots for celebrating!

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