Wednesday, November 16, 2011

:: first grade art :: winslow homer ::

today, i introduced ned's class to
:: winslow homer ::

we looked at this
{snap the whip}
and this
{in the mowing}
and this
{breezing up}
i wish i had shown them this
{sunlight on the coast}

we discussed
lightness and darkness
and introduced the term
:: value ::
we made value charts
like this
using a only a black crayon
and by varying the pressure

i introduced the term
:: horizon::
then we made these


Emily said...

What a cool project. Catie, you are an excellent art teacher!

Anonymous said...

I think Ned's class got it!
You are a treasure to that class...I hope they realize it. How lucky for that teacher that you volunteer to come in. You need to be doing this for a living. Do you have your teaching certificate? Think about it!
xo Dianne

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