Thursday, November 10, 2011

:: vitality :: dry brushing ::


dry brushing is a good thing.

you can use a body brush, but i use a pair of these
{they can be found at luxury retailers, such as walmart}
{psssst! dawn, this pair is for you!}

starting at my toes,
working toward my heart,
with gentle circular motions,
i polish every little bit
before stepping into the bath.

i've been doing this faithfully
since summertime,
and guess what?
my skin is softer & healthier.

read more about dry brushing

{and please share what you know in the comments below}


Dawn said...

really?? for me?? Thank you!! I started doing this over the summer, and never found a brush that didn't scratch too much, so i am looking forward to trying these! Sorry I missed your call yesterday...xoxo

Dianne said...

Would both you girls get packed and come to the Carolinas? :)

catie said...

: )

Emily said...

I dry brush everyday!
Have been for almost 4 years.
Can't imagine life without it!

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