Friday, May 13, 2011

show & tell {plus bowl of heaven}

spike the bunny
came to school with ned today.

then, after school,
ned & i went to
for an antioxidant lunch.

under all the fruit & granola
is the über-nutritious frozen açaí puree
{say "ah-sigh-EE"}



Dianne said...

That does look like a bowl of heaven. Yum, all that fruit. We do not have that here. Is it a chain?
Hello Spike and sweet Ned!

catie said...

i think it is a franchise, but there is only one other location {in california}.

Dawn said...

YOU have some of the best little treasures in Boise!! I am so jealous!! This looks sooo delish!

Emily said...

You do have some great little places in Boise. I could eat this whole thing in a minute!

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