Saturday, September 1, 2012

art-paper-scissors :: recycled paper award ribbon

do you know someone who is
head on over to
and let them know how you feel
with my new
bestow the award of awesome
right here

the award ribbon pictured was made by me
for a teacher at ned's school.
on her way to work yesterday,
she stopped her car to let several ducks cross safely.
she and her kids {and her car} are fine,
but she was rear-ended by someone
who surely would have run over the ducks 
{since the driver didn't even notice a stopped car, right?}
thank you, mrs. cox!
you are awesome!


Emily said...

This is all truly awesome---the ribbon and the story!

Dawn said...

I love this!! You come up with the best things!!

Dianne said...

Both of you are fantastic!

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