Monday, September 17, 2012

new stuff ► ► ►

kris carr has launched her new website today!
she's got a new cookbook
coming out next month.
get a look behind the scenes here
you can download a free sample at her website.

also today,
emerson fry has opened her fall shop.
if i had a limitless supply of cash,
i'd buy 
this major peacoat
do you know how to pronounce gilet?
you might need to know 
so when you see me you can say, 
what a beautiful big gilet you have.
here's how
in the meantime,
i'm on the hunt for a giant turtleneck sweater
so i can cut off the arms & call it a gilet.

i'm betting emerson is buying kris's new cookbook.
have you seen her pantry?
all. from. scratch.
and i'm almost certain i read that she is vegan.
see more of her lovely home here and here.


Pam said...

i love emerson but am so upset she stopped making her flower pins!! i love her house so much too! pea coats will never ever ever go out of just buy it! you'll wear it forever! :)

Dawn said...

oh GOODness..I am glad you reminded me about kris carr...I adore emerson and covet her pantry...I have all my bulk jars on my bakers rack trying to be like her :) Powell got a peacoat last year, so classic, I need one too..oh and I love the gilet :)

Emily said...

Cool, cool stuff!

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