Wednesday, September 5, 2012

happy bits from today

a fat, contented cat
a major bowl of oats
a reason to cheer
a lunch that looked like this in the morning
and this in the afternoon
i am sharing this empty lunchbox with you because
yesterday's lunch wasn't quite as...  eaten.
unhappy about the uneaten lunch,
i made a speech that was,
rather influential.
good show.


Emily said...

That major bowl of oats looks SO good!

Angie said...

Good job on the lunch lecture! Your lunches look sooo yummy and I LOVE those lunchboxes!

Dawn said...

well i would have eaten that sandwich :) YUM!
Marian looks so cute in her uniform!

gretchen said...

Looks good...but you realize they'll just throw away what they don't eat now after the lecture! But it was a good effort! xoxo

catie said...

gretchen, you are funny.
and right : )

Anonymous said...

What was in that lecture anyway? Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Marian looks great in her uniform!!
Love, Grandma

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