Tuesday, September 18, 2012

chocolate covered frozen bananas

we're still having hot afternoons
with temps in the high 80s.
frozen treats are most welcome
after school.

this one is ned approved
ripe bananas + dark chocolate + chopsticks
my makeshift double-boiler
note: cutting the banana in half
will render a more structurally-sound pop.
poke with a chopstick, then gently
dip, roll, drizzle in melted chocolate.
sprinkle with some roasted chopped almonds

after a couple hours in the freezer


Dawn said...

well those look delicious!! Lucy just might eat a banana :)

Pam said...

yes please!
hi ned..you are so cute! xoxo

Emily said...

These remind me of my childhood.
Loved getting these at the DQ!

gretchen said...

You are the coolest mom I know.

Denise said...

These have always been one of my all time favs!!

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