Wednesday, September 19, 2012

◄ focaccia from wild west bakery ►

we love to make paninis.
we have always made them with french baguettes.
until now.

a couple weeks ago,
after working hard at the eagle food & wine festival,
naomi from wild west bakery
gave me two GIANT pieces {loaves, really}
of her homemade focaccia.
{thank you, naomi!}

it was unbelievably delicious at the wine fest,
dipped in olive oil & balsamic vinegar.
see the golden crust on top?
it is buttery, light, and almost crispy.
she uses special idaho wheat
and herbs she grows in the backyard of the restaurant.
really special & amazing, this bread.

then a couple days later {we stored it in the fridge}
we made paninis with it that were,
hands down, the best we have ever eaten.
they were delicate, melt-in-your-mouth paninis.
the kind of paninis you might daydream about,
or write a long blog post about.

here's that picture of them again:
phenomenal, i tell you.
{the organic basil & heirloom tomatoes are from our csa farm, earthly delights}

this is what they looked like before grilling:

this is what they looked like in our planetboxes:
these paninis were even delicious as leftovers.
even cold, straight from the fridge.
our family basically arm wrestled for the last bits.

i understand that naomi only bakes her focaccia
for massive special orders only
{like weddings and wine festivals}.

if you live in eagle
you might swing by wild west and let naomi know
you heard about her amazing focaccia.
maybe we can get her to bake it on a regular basis.

in the meantime,
if you want to go halfsies on a huge slab
of focaccia, please let me know.


Pam said...

you have no idea how much i miss my panini maker :(
i should at least invest in a grill pan here. my kids are addicted to nutella paninis! and loving that lunch box!!

Emily said...

I should send you my panini recipe! I think you will really like it. Yours look amazing!

Dawn said...

my mom found a panini maker at deseret industries (wolfgang puck brand) so jealous!

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