Friday, September 7, 2012

petite treats {to fit the tiny planetbox dessert spot}

we love our planetboxes
the dessert spot is so very 


it can be difficult to find
a treat that fits.

but, find some, i did:
{all at the boise co-op}

vanilla diamond sablés

from bahlsen
{these had to be cut down to size - yes, i'm crazy}

sjaak's bite size
organic fair trade chocolates

and a snickerdoodle
from the co-op bakery
{cut into 8 pieces}

don't tell my kids,
but all of these treats
are hidden away in my freezer
so they will last a long time.

two weeks of school lunches down,
a bazillion to go.


Angie said...

You're such a good mom packing such great-looking, healthy lunches! But, I agree, the dessert spot is sooo small!!!

Dawn said...

that tiny spot makes the bit o sweet all the sweeter :)

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