Saturday, August 10, 2013


a few noteworthy bits
from here & there.

this article struck a chord

these popsicles need to be in my freezer

this image is really lovely

a few of these for marian's room, maybe
we are switching things up in there

this headboard is just so cozy for twin beds

this is still funny

this sauce... mmmmm.

this granola... mmmmm.

a charming mason jar soap dispenser diy

i love the name and the concept

kid art: bird collages

a reading list to keep you busy

hope you are having a relaxing weekend.


Emily said...

Great stuff, as usual from you!

martha said...

all kindsa goodness here..loved the article on calm....and am going to ck out the granola

catie said...

em, you are the best! i always know you are reading & following my wacky links hither & yon : )

martha, yes, the calm. i really identify with the author's point of view. let me know about the granola ~ it's from my friend, briar, who is basically a chef. she's a food & drink goddess ♥

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